Commercial and Residential Services
The Best Tree Service and Tree Maintenance in Houston
JB Tree Service is a total Tree Branch and Limb removal company with many years of experience in trimming and pruning of all shapes and sizes of trees for residential and commercial properties located in Great Houston Area and surroundings. When trees become too big or tree branches or limbs interfere with utility wires, pools and patios, sides or roofing of houses or other objects such as cars, and other vehicles, the branches must be trimmed or removed. Overgrown tree limbs and branches will cause major damage to homes, roads and utility wires when not properly maintained. Our tree branch and limb removal services will prevent small animals such as squirrels and raccoons from entering your attic.
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Land Clearing Project? Need to clear a piece of land filled with underbrush and trees?
If you own an overgrown piece of property in Houston or surrounding cities, our land clearing service can transform it into a beautiful piece of land that anyone would be proud to own.

Get a FREE quote for your land clearing or other land development project.

Prepare land for development or get rid of unwanted stumps in a timely manner by turning to JB Tree Services & Maintenance in Harris county, Montgomery County area and surroundings.
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